Are you ready to make money with your story and be aligned with a LEGEND?

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Les Brown's "Great Presenters 2023"

You will leave Les Brown's "Great Presenters 2023" with this:

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A full knowledge of the similarities and differences between reaching small, close audiences and large audiences, and how to strategize for each situation.


Improved techniques for strengthening all the aspects of your message/content, command of the audience, your unique voice, and unique energy.

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1-1 Coaching

Take home a video of you presenting that you will be able to study and learn by the instructions given to you by Les Brown and his team.

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Hi, I'm Les Brown

A Special Invitation to Join Les Brown for an exclusive hands-on Training experience to define your signature speech to speak to the masses at this “Great Presenters 2023” weekend in Miami, Florida which he’s been doing every 2 years.

When you can present and represent yourself well, the world opens up for you to do great things. Les Brown built a career on this lesson. Your power as a presenter offers life-changing opportunities for whatever career path you are on. “Great Presenters 2023” will raise your stock as a speaker that will open doors and empower your career and your life.

Les Brown’s “Great Presenters 2023” will get you on track as a potential world changer. It gets you ready for the world, to improve it or to change it. Les has proven his value as a world-renowned speaker. Les’ experience as a trainer, before he became a speaker/presenter, is a powerful resource for whatever big thing you want to do.

Presentations matter, whatever your field so, whether a business owner, corporate exec, sales rep, freelancer or community advocate, Great Presenters lets you take presenting to the bank. Your message, information, talent, skills, and ideas will set you apart from others. Spend a day-and-a-half training with Les Brown and the team will help you get the power you need to do something big.



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